Nick Carone

Sales Associate

Phone: (724) 747-0307
[email protected]

2802 Bransford Ave
Nashville, TN 37204

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Nick Carone serves as Sales Associate at Katz & Associates in our Nashville office. His focus is on tenant representation and retailer expansions in Tennessee. Nick has an extensive background in Sales and Technology. He started his career at Acrelec America as a Sales Engineer. There Nick consulted with leading national brands such as McDonald’s, Dunkin’ and Chick-fil-A.

Prior to joining Katz, Nick served as Director of Operations and Property Manager at McDonald’s Restaurant Division, Meg-Nik Inc. He was charged with supervising the day-to-day operations of six McDonald’s stores while overseeing over 300 employees. Nick was a member of the Red Shoe Crew for the Ronald McDonald House where he and other young professionals helped those in need.